Industry Sectors

VSM work in partnership with a variety of clients in several industries. Whilst our primary footprint is in Food Manufacturing and Packaging, our services are transferrable and sought after by other sectors too. We can help to expand processing capacity, reduce downtime, optimise efficiency and maximise performance for production lines in sectors such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Environmental

In the food industry we have experience working to provide solutions for all stages of production from the receipt of raw material to the final packaged goods ready for dispatch. We have worked in the following areas:

  • Meat, Poultry and Seafood
  • Fresh produce and Bakery
  • Confectionary
  • Cereals and Grains
  • Milling and Packaging
  • Dairy
  • Ready Meals and Snacks

All of our solutions are designed to meet regulated hygiene and quality standards, whilst operating efficiently and sustainably. Our technical expertise is complemented by project management, engineering and operational understanding of the sector, all while working to tight time scales and coordinating with other areas of the site that maybe still producing.

VSM can help you to meet whatever goals you are striving for. We have vast experience in performance optimisation, ensuring you get the most out of your production by increasing final yield output, reducing downtime, and introducing lean principals to enhance the value stream. We can help with effective digital monitoring for time-cost optimisation and ergonomic design and work simplification to help you meet ambitious production goals and reduce waste. We are also experienced in enhancing site facilities, through overhauls and re-conditioning of existing infrastructure. All of these services are designed to help our clients proactively promote factory floor efficiency and productivity in a way that uniquely fits their business.

Bespoke food processing solutions & services

Can’t find the ideal food processing equipment or machinery solution? Value Stream Machinery offers bespoke solutions and services to meet your needs, get in touch for a free consultation on how VSM can fulfil your requirements and exceed your needs.

Our Clients Include
  • Tayto
  • Dale Farm
  • Around-noon
  • Fane Valley
  • Sweet things Bakery
  • Dawn Meats
  • henderson food service
  • Robinsons
  • glanbia
  • whites
  • Rich Sauce
  • Jack & Naynes